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Invest in root canal therapy

If your tooth becomes infected, it’s important to remove the infection while still maintaining the structural support of the tooth itself. Receive a root canal from Dr. Frank Arnold in which only the damaged part of the tooth will be removed.

When you have a tooth pulled, there is nothing left behind to support the teeth that were around it. Dr. Frank Arnold, D.M.D. has 34 years of experience in providing precise root canal therapy to remove the damaged part of your tooth. Our dental care facility is located in Milledgeville, GA.

• Pain in the tooth when biting down

• Tooth pain while chewing

• Oversensitivity of the teeth with hot or cold drinks

• Facial swelling

Once the damaged part of your tooth is removed it is important to cover the exposed part of the remaining tooth. After your root canal therapy, our experienced dentist can also install your crowns as well. Oral sedation is available to minimize discomfort.

Protect the foundation of your smile

Follow your root canal with a crown

Get help with these symptoms

Alleviate your discomfort by asking for oral sedation.