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Feel better about the look of your teeth

Your self-esteem can be affected by your teeth. If you’re embarrassed because your teeth aren’t as white as they were, then you should contact Dr. Frank Arnold, D.M.D. Our professional staff will whiten your teeth in no time.

If you avoid smiling or talking openly because of yellowing or chipped teeth, you're not alone. Invest in yourself and your smile by seeing what cosmetic dentistry can do for you today. Trust in Dr. Arnold's 34 years of dental experience. We are a dental care facility located in Milledgeville, GA.

• Teeth whitening

• Gum treatment

• Veneers

• Bite appearance

Correct your overbite or underbite with our state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services. Don’t let a misaligned smile stop you from showing off your beauty. You'll appreciate that our staff is kind and caring, and always willing to listen to your concerns.

The rebirth of your smile

Does your overbite bother you?

You deserve a gorgeous smile

Ask about oral sedation before the start of your next check-up.



Teeth whitening